Fertilizer Business

For providing rich harvest and environment

We have been contributing to the agriculture development in our country through the development of phosphate fertilizers which have higher efficiency, and exploitation of the field of magnesium and trace elements fertilizers since our company’s establishment.

“ Calcined Phosphate fertilizer ” which is the origin of our technology is a phosphate fertilizer removed fluorine from phosphate rocks with our own technology.

Using this “ Calcined Phosphate fertilizer ” as a raw material, we manufacture the magnesium phosphate fertilizer " kudo-jyusyorin® “ which is our main brand.

“ kudo-jyusyorin® ” is regarded with high esteem and supported by consumers for a long time as a phosphate fertilizer that can be expected to have a stable effect from the early stage of growing crops to the latter stage and as a “ fertilizer for soil cultivation ” to maintain and enhance soil fertility.

We would like to contribute to providing the rich harvest and development of sustainable agriculture through our products such as the “ kudo-jyusyorin® ” and the “ multi-support®” (magnesium and trace elements fertilizers).